Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

02 October 2011

Friendship set on Fire

Where do I start?

While staring at the screen, trying to decide if I should do just my story and leave Sailor out of it, or start with our story.  When I decided there is no way that I can tell my story without our story.

I met Sailor way back in the 10th grade.  Yes, he is younger.  He was an itty, bitty, awkward freshman.  If you ask him to tell his story of how we met, he can tell you perfectly.  His mind seems to remember his friends telling him over and over to go talk to me and dance with me, which I think he may have.  Me... well, I was not so phased by his presence at my friend's party.  In my diary, I believe I called him a Lost Puppy, who followed me around the whole time.

We became fast friends, however.  Something was so easy about it, and he was still the Lost Puppy, and I had to keep him at 5 foot distance to make sure the guy didn't get his heart broken.  That fall I had a big crush on an older guy, hoping he would ask me to Homecoming.  Sailor asked.  I said no.  The crush didn't want to go.  So I went back to Sailor and said yes.  (How mean am I?!?)

Neither of us decided to wear something that actually FIT us that year.  I ordered my dress online, 2 sizes too big, and it couldn't be taken in anymore.  (Never made that mistake again.)  And I believe Sailor borrowed his Dad's jacket...  We look so little.

I have to admit too that I tried to avoid him at the dance.  He went into super Lost Puppy mode.  I remember him watching me as I danced with other people, like he was waiting for his turn, rather than a stalker, creepy way.  The thing about Sailor is that he has these big, blue eyes that he knows how to use to get his way, even more now.

And that winter, those blue eyes got me.  (TIMEOUT! WE HAVE NOT BEEN DATING SINCE THEN! THIS IS NOT A ONE AND DONE HIGH SCHOOL LOVE STORY) We started dating.  We french kissed.  You know, "high school dating."  He was still super awkward, and we dated for about 3 months.  He was my first Valentine's Day date.  His mom drove.

So high school went on, and we were always close friends.  We dated other people, we kissed other people.  We were the best friends of the opposite sex that we went to when we had relationship trouble and always knew what each other needed to say.  We went through awkward stages together (see photos). He had blonde high lights, enough said.
Then I graduated and went to college.  Then he graduated and made it through a semester of college before he knew it wasn't for him.  And yet, we were always close, lifting each other up, listening to each other's relationship problems, plans for the future, and telling each other when we're being absolutely ridiculous.

And then Sailor decided to become a sailor in the Navy.  That's when we started thinking to ourselves how much we mean to each other and how much everything will change.  Never told each other for about a year.  Actually we never TOLD each other at all (But we'll get to that later).  We told both of our best friends repeatedly, in circles, over and over and over, back and forth, on and off.

On July 4th, 2010, we went to the crappy Hanover, PA fireworks together.  That day we made a pact that if we weren't married at 30 to anyone else or have intentions with someone we may be dating, we would get together.

Then it finally came time for Sailor to leave for Basic Training and he came down to visit me at college for the last time.  We were close so we had shared itty, bitty twin-sized beds together.  I had promised my best friend I would kiss him while he was here.  Then we were laying in my bed facing each other and I chickened out.  Luckily, he didn't.  After what seemed like 15 minutes of us opening and closing our eyes to find the other staring and laughing nervously, we had our first kiss... our 2nd first kiss.  And that kiss lead into another kiss and another kiss...

And that night lead to the best relationship I have ever been in, the most comfortable, most secure, most loving relationship and I have seen him face-to-face twice since then, and I know some people may think that is no way to have a relationship, but I wouldn't trade in anything we have for something else because our love is truly friendship set on fire, and we'd never let each other down now because we never did before.