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A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

19 October 2011

Missing my Sailor...

It is 2 more months till my sailor is home for the holidays.  Unfortunately that's an extra 3 months over the time I was waiting so I had a difficult transition from a week countdown to changing it to 3 months.  But what can you do?  That's military life, right there.
     Luckily, it's the busiest time of the school year with midterms, clinicals, projects, papers, Homecoming, school activities, etc.  I know my next 4 weeks will fly by because each day is already basically planned out.  I'm only happy about that because when it's all over, there will only be 1 month left, which includes Thanksgiving and finals, another busy month.
     I am so excited to have my sailor home for the holidays for many reasons.  The Commander Upstairs must have his plans for good reasons that his time home was delayed till then.  I'm glad school will be over so I can be completely stress-free and open for him.  I already have his Christmas surprise set up (which is something we can both knock off our bucket lists).  I could announce what it is, but for fear he might read this and figure out what it is, I'll say no more.  I'll post all about it when it happens. :)
     The things that really get to me when being in a long distance relationship are the little things.  I can deal with the lack of physical intimacy, the late night phone calls due to the time difference, no jealousy or trust issues between us; I miss snuggling on the couch watching shitty TV, going back and forth between what to do for the night and nobody making a decision, grocery shopping together, weird things that come out of our mouths and you just look at them like, "WTF are you talking about?", singing in the car, and my biggest things are 1. hand holding, and 2. the hugs.

     Let me just tell you, his hugs are the best.  And I am SO EXCITED for my next hug.  I always think in my mind about how it will play out when I see him next and it always involves running to him and a big hug.  No idea what I would say or what would happen next... I just want that hug!

     When I had started writing this in the morning and save it, a few hours later, there was another change in my countdown.  Instead of the 2 month marker to December 18th, I am not looking at the same date or December 28th.  And I only get to have him home for about 10 days instead of 21.  This is all due to changes that I will write about another day because it is a never ending story about Sailor's career path.
     And later that night, there was another change!  I'm still looking at the 10 days in December, but now a possibility of another 10 in November.

     And I was all worked up when I started writing this post, and now I might be looking at a closer date!  All those tears for nothing.  It figures.

What is the thing you miss the most when you're separated from your loved ones?

3 hour later edit:  Sailor will now be home in T-minus 43 hours & 20 minutes!!!!!! Best. Surprise. Ever.