Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

24 November 2011

It's Thanksgiving!

I apologize for not blogging in a few weeks, but it has been a busy week at home, by busy I mean, I've been busy snuggling with my pets, watching movies, knitting, crafting, and shopping.

Thanksgiving isn't a big holiday celebrated with my family (although I have every intention of making it HUGE when I have my own.)  We have the typical turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and more dinner, but everyone has always worked the day after Thanksgiving so driving 4 hours to Grandma's isn't an option.  This year it's especially different because it's just my mom and me, since my brother has moved to Florida.  The question came up from my mom this year about getting just a turkey breast instead of the full turkey, and we were really considering it, when we realized that my brother never ate turkey anyways and it's been my mom and me eating a whole turkey for years!  So the big, fat turkey is sitting in the oven right now.

I'm especially thankful this year for so many things!  Although my sailor is still out in San Diego and couldn't come home for this holiday, I'm thankful he'll be here over Christmas and that he has such good friends there that he has somewhere to go for a good Thanksgiving dinner, other than the chow hall.  I'm so thankful he's my man and I get to lean on him for the good and bad, and that we have a wonderful relationship despite being away more days than together in the past year.  I'm thankful we get to talk as often as we do and that he is succeeding in his career as a hospital corpsman.

I'm thankful for the family I have in my life and excited to see all the changes we will go through in the next year.  I sure didn't have any clue our family would go through everything we have in the last year.  I'm thankful how close I've become with my uncle, a whole new experience for me, after living without a fatherly figure for almost a decade.

I'm thankful for the friends I have, and was reminded of that 2 days ago with a big reunion of 9 girls at Olive Garden, eating probably 10 bowls of breadsticks and 8 or so bowls of salad between all of us!  (Check out my friend's blog here:  I also have great friends at college as well, whom I couldn't make it through nursing school without.  Choosing bridesmaids is going to be DIFFICULT!

I'm also thankful for the blessings I've received from God, to be able to attend college, be optimistic, have a home, a bed to sleep in, a career awaiting me after graduation, the smarts to make it through college, clothes on my body, and good health.

I'm ready to kick off the Christmas season now that Thanksgiving is here!  Christmas movies, decorations, cookies, crafts, travel, glitter, gift wrapping, etc.!  It all starts tonight with Black Friday at midnight.  My stops:  Old Navy, Target, Kohl's, Pier One. 

Happy Thanksgiving!