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28 November 2011

Quilts of High School Shirts

Basic Steps to Making a Quilt:
1.  Cut pieces
2.  Arrange & pin pieces together.  Then sew.
3.  Arrange over backing/batting & pin & sew.
4.  Cuddle.

I've made 2 quilts in my lifetime because I needed something to do with old t-shirts I never wore anymore from random high school events so I made a bunch of them into a quilt.  It was a difficult process the first time because I had so many and wanted to use them all, and unlike regular quilts where every square is the same size, the designs weren't so piecing them together was the biggest challenge.

I used a red & gray flannel backing (those were my school's colors) which added a nice touch.  For this one I used the "batting" to make it really thick and warm, which it is!  It makes it more difficult to sew in the end because it's SO THICK, but worth it.

That quilt didn't end up so well, it was my first one, basically teaching myself, trying to make it all work together, and I used the shirts I hated, soooo the visual appeal isn't so great to me. haha mistake right there.

The second quilt I made for a friend ended a lot better because I used fabric (not from t-shirts) to fill in the places it didn't fit in very well.

I also didn't use the batting and used the embroidery thread ties to attach the backing and front and use less machine sewing.

And of course since it's a gift, giving it in a pretty presentation is important!