Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

05 December 2011

12 Hours till 48 with My Sailor!

Instead of a 12 day countdown, I am now down to 12 hours!  My sailor has officially receieved his orders to be transferred to Lejeune, NC Marine base and had his flight re-directed to home from Pendleton, CA so that he could come home and get his car to drive down and have it on base.  WHICH MEANS.... that I get to see him for 48+/- hours starting tomorrow morning when he lands at BWI and I get to run into his arms and get that glorious hug all for myself!

It's times like these, with the good surprises like this that the bad surprises in the military don't seem so bad (although, I think we can all agree the bad surprises usually outnumber the good).  This visit comes at a great time because I just e-mailed my final project of the semester to my professor, which leaves 2 finals left, which are both next week so I can take the next 48 hours and spend them not stressing yet and soak up everything.  It also comes at a good time, after 2 weeks of Angry Megan from stress, missing my sailor, Christmas stress, and being annoyed at the world, and basically in one of those moods that you just need a good cry and the JIF peanut butter commercial brings it on.  I'm talking about this one:

It gets me every time. haha

Today I also got my birthday present early!  It wasn't supposed to be delivered until Friday but I got some pretty flowers in the mail from my sailor :)