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13 December 2011

Laser Hair Removal?

Some people may be hesitant to get hair laser-ly removed, nope. Not me.  It has been the best investment of my life and I am not ashamed to tell anyone how amazing it has worked!

First off, my dad had black hair over his entire arms, chest, and back... his nickname was "Furry Murray" and inheriting the dark hair genes from him, I ended up with the female version.  It is way more common than women think for females to have stray hairs around their nipples and chest.  In high school I was really self-conscious of this and either shaved or plucked them.  (Plucking is not fun in that area.)  So my primary physician recommended laser hair removal, and I got it done... AMAZING results.  So then in college, I used extra loan money after buying my books to get my upper lip done.  AMAZING results.

Things to know about laser hair removal:

1.  It takes more than one treatment.  The hairs are in different stages of growth and you have to get them all. I had I believe 3 or 4 for my upper lip and about 8 for my chest area.
2.  It works best for dark, thicker hairs.  The fine, blonde hairs are hard to target and don't take up all the rays because there is less pigment.
3.  The process is short.  It took me probably 10 to 15 minutes in the room for treatment.  I spent more time driving there.
4.  The strength of the laser gets stronger as you have more treatments for a particular area to get the more persistent hairs.
5.  After being treated, you only have to apply aloe vera to the area because it feels like a slight sunburn, which goes away after less than an hour.  You are slightly red after, but that too goes away within an hour.

It was definitely worth the money and I will start saving up soon for my next adventure, the underarms.  Not a fan of shaving and occassionally having the itchy feeling afterwards.

I got my laser hair removal done in Gettysburg, PA.  Pricing is really reasonable and I would recommend it to anyone!  Follow this address for their information: