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A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

03 December 2011

Pennsylvania Christmas Trees

One of the most glorious things about a good ole country Christmas is the exciting day when we get to hike out to the Christmas Tree Farm and walk around acres of trees, looking for the perfectly trimmed, fat, and perfect height tree in the whole farm.  Today was a perfect day, not rainy, muddy, extremely cold, or windy, a sunny 45 degrees!  For those of you who have lived in big cities all your life, yes, this still happens.

 I'm proud to say that Pennsylvania is home to the WORLD'S CHRISTMAS TREE CAPITOL! of Indiana, Pa, outside of Pittsburgh, where I'm proud to say my family is from.
 After you cut it down, you get to drag it back to the car and strap it to the hood and drive all the way home, wondering if it's going to fall off!
Luckily, we always make it.  This year with my brother gone, it was my chance to drill the hole in the bottom to get into the tree stand, usually a 1 hour job for my brother, took me 15 minutes.  Clearly, women work well with power tools!  I have some great branches to craft with too that came off the bottom.

And that's how Pennsylvanians go Christmas tree shopping :)