Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

12 December 2011

Sailor's New Station

My sailor has finally gotten out of student status and is getting set up this week in Camp Lejeune, NC!  He seems pretty excited to finally be starting to work as a corpsman with his new division.  Lots still to learn right now about this new chapter so taking everything as it comes and any information about this base/getting used to a permanent active duty station and how it's different is welcomed! PLEASE! 

Just some background on my sailor's Navy journey...

His original contract going into boot camp was for the SEALs but that changed once he found out, he was actually slightly colorblind and SEALs must be ungodly physically perfect to withstand it all so he needed a new contract, which started his hospital corpsman path.  After boot camp, he went to corps school in Chicago, where he was able to join the Fleet Marine Force, which is why he is a Navy sailor stationed on a Marine base.  As anyone familiar with these two branches would know, the Navy's medical staff takes care of the Marines because they do not have a medical branch of their own.

My sailor's original orders at FMF school was to head over to Japan for his 1st active duty station, but qualified for Marine Recon training and headed over there for training.  However, he only learned to swim a little over a year ago, so didn't quite make it through that because it's kind of like the Marine's version of SEAL training in my mind... absolutely mentally and physically draining and it killed me to talk to him at night and he sounded so worn out both ways so when he decided it wasn't for him I was very relieved because he perked up right way.

That leaves us where he is right now, on his first day as an HM3 at Camp Lejeune! Although his Navy journey is completely different from the many turns it has taken, each one has had better circumstances than the last and I thank God for the path He has given us and the obstacles He has brought us through and the strength we have been given during it all.

I had a great 48 hours with him this week while he stopped home to pick up his car and drive down to NC.  I celebrated my 22nd birthday this week and it was the best gift I could have had!  And he surprised me in the middle of the night by getting me flowers, and my mom! (which made her cry.)  Best boyfriend ever <3