Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

02 February 2012

Things I Love...

I started making a list of things I love and things I hate a while back, and it actually ended up teaching me A LOT about myself, and things to avoid or add to my life to make it better with the little things.  I add to the list as things occur or I think of them.  Some have changed over the years as well.

So here's the list of things I love....

H2O packets, getting ready for a night out, dry-erase boards, skinny jeans, when boys dress up, scarves, long necklaces, free college games, dresses, flats, the beginning of sandal weather, Mario Party, the new nervousness around a cute boy, taking care of people, making food, people enjoying the food I make, waking up to the sun, painting, making greeting cards, knitting, positive responses to things I've made, pearls, peeing clear, a good workout, juice, milk, hugs, purses, shoes, dancing, driving, exploring, my hair growing, glasses, doing laundry, boys in collared shirts, when I get along with my family, polka dots, cheetah and zebra print, tigers, koalas, chap stick, lip gloss, when teachers relate the material to my interests, watching a good movie, socks, colored eyeliner, porch swings, the sound of crickets, surprises, being organized, hearts, living independently, toddlers, boxers, hanging out during baseball games, high school football, high school spirit, Disney World, getting Disney characters autographs, camisoles, charms, rhinestones, diamonds, sparkly things, strawberry milk, chocolate milk, fresh orange juice, strawberry flavored things, Jello cheesecake, my uncle's jokes, hot tea, hot chocolate, chips and dip, steak, windows, hot tubs, the first warm day of spring, perfectly shaved legs, candles, playing with fire, my charm bracelet, sunflowers, Disney soundtracks, the black market, wearing my dad's old XL t-shirts, the first day of summer vacation, graduation parties, the Outer Banks, sun tans, crab legs, Harry Potter, Dramamine, foreign money, King of Prussia mall, picking out outfits for school, Jalapeno Cheddar chip dip, Panera Bread, blueberry bagels, blueberry muffins, free Clinique bags, strawberry pancake syrup, the first fall day, caramel candies, the smell of pies, decorating t-shirts, fabric paint, Halloween costumes, "thank you"'s from trick or treaters, naughty text messages, Vicadin after wisdom teeth removal, coming home after being away, warm houses in the winter, being kissed on the neck and ear, singing in the car at nights, boob cups, my aunt Helen's house, my grandmother's house, Long John Silver's, buying stuff for college, planning food for parties, driving when it's snowing, holding hands, sex, Twilight, Marilyn Monroe, Joann Fabrics, warm applesauce with cinnamon, cooking, crossing things off my To Do list, making lists, Star Wars, reading, drawing blood, Vera Bradley, walking on the beach, boardwalks, Verdi, Pinterst, puppies, kittens, food

And of course, the obvious, my sailor, family & friends!

So go make your list and see what you can think of and add more of to your life!