Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

31 March 2012

Easter Memories

Although for the past bunch of years, Easter has not had very many festivities planned in my household.  Since there's no little kids anymore, or any little cousins running around, Easter has not been at the top of the lists.  It usually gets forgotten, minus Easter dinner, in the midst of the busy part of the semester.

But, honestly, Easter may be one of my favorite holidays.  When I think of future children, I picture Easter morning.  My husband and son wearing khakis and ties.  My daughter wearing the frilly white socks with a ruffled dress.  I picture going to church and doing all the fun activities of Easter Sunday, going to an Easter Egg Hunt in a cute rain jackets, little pastel colored baskets, dyeing eggs the few days before and hiding them throughout the house to find, getting the kids picture with the mall Easter bunny.

Today, in my development, a man dressed up in a really cute, non-creepy bunny costume was riding in the back of the trunk, horn honking, through the neighborhood to a house where all the little kids gathered for candy.  I have so many memories as a little kid with Easter and I think that might be why I enjoy it so much.  Easter was the holiday with my dad.  He was into making dyeing eggs a big ordeal and hiding them all over the house to find, along with trying to find our Easter baskets.

 If I could ever go back to being a kid, elementary school-aged, I would pick Easter morning, not Christmas.

Me, my brother, and family friend
This Easter, I have my sailor/fiance! home to dye eggs with and go to church with on Sunday.  I cannot WAIT to be able to get back to celebrating Easter like I did as a little kid, even if I'm not a little kid anymore.  Easter makes me want to have kids, maybe just to live vicariously through them. :) haha

24 March 2012

I'm Engaged!

I'm getting married to my best friend!  I'm so excited!

My sailor came home last weekend after being out in the field for 3 weeks and we had a fun weekend planned at home.  On Saturday, we got up early to go on a hike at an undisclosed location that he would not tell me about.  I had no idea where we were headed once we got past the Harrisburg/Hershey area because I had never traveled to the northwest of PA really.  So after a 3 hour drive, we reached our destination, Bushkill Falls in the Poconos.  It's supposed to be PA's version of Niagara Falls, and it was really neat.  Although the trees weren't sprouting buds yet, there was still some green and the waterfalls were amazing!  There were 8 total.

So we were going through the paths all day and just enjoying the day alone.  Towards the end of the day, we got to the biggest waterfall they had, which was probably 4 stories high, about twice as big as the rest of them.  There was a bridge in front of it where everyone gathered to take lots of pictures and we waited till it kind of cleared out so we could enjoy it.  But then he pulls out a scrapbook from his bookbag? (I had asked him when walking in what was so large in his bookbag and he passed it off as it being a dumb question and it was the frame of the bookbag.  I totally bought it.)  And I looked at him like, "What in the HELL do you have a scrapbook in the forest for, near a waterfall, with mist everywhere?  Like is this the most opportune time to be doing this... we were just sitting on a big rock away from stuff and you couldn't have showed me this then?"  So he's just like, "Just look at it!"  I mean, I think that's what he said, it all got a little fuzzy.

As I read through the scrapbook, it goes through our story and all our adventures and laughs we've had together.  And trying to keep my tears in, at the end, it says, "I have a question to ask you..." And I turn the page and there's nothing there.  I look up at him and he's down on one knee, opening up a little black box asking me to marry him!  And then the tears just flowed and I was staring at it and people were staring at us, and I thought I said yes, but apparently I was shaking my head in circles instead of up and down.  And I just said, "Do I have to put it on myself?"  My sailor says, "Well you have to say yes first?" So I did, even though I thought I already had!

Right after he proposed

I was completely surprised.  I had no idea it was coming.  Especially because the day before we went to a jewelery store to try some things on and it threw me off.  My ring is absolutely perfect.  He picked it out himself and I could not have picked out a better one myself if I tried.  It had everything I liked in it and nobody else will have my ring :) 

 It was a great day after because we had no service until we left so we could just enjoy it together and have our own little secret until we got back to areas of civilization and cell phone service.

18 March 2012

Slouched Knit Hat

One of my favorite knitting projects I have ever done was making this slouched knit hat.  It is a very easy and basic pattern.  It was my first project working with round needles and was not difficult to learn at all.

You'll need:
  • US 6 & 7, 16" circular needle
  • US 7 double pointed needles
  • A thin yarn, 150 yd. to be safe.
  •  Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle
1.  With small circular needles, CO 84 sts (This pattern is for a size small), placing marker at beginning of round and join in a circle.
2.  Work in K1P1 pattern for 6 rounds.
3.  Switch to large circular needles.
  •  Round 1:  K5, Inc1 with next stitch.  Repeat till end.
  • Round 2:  K all.
  • Round 3:  K6, Inc1 with next stitch.  Repeat till end.
4.  K all rounds without increasing until hat measures 5.5".
5.  Decrease to double pointed needles when too few stitches remain.
  • Round 1:  K6, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 2, 4, 6, 8:  K.
  • Round 3:  K5, K2 tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 5:  K4, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 7:  K3, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 9:  K2, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 10:  K1, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 11:  K2tog to end.
  • Round 12:  K2tog to end.
6.  Cut yarn, leaving enough to thread through remaining stitches and pull to close top of hat.

Enjoy!  If anything needs clarified, send me a comment or email so I can help with anyone trying this out because my patterns can get lost when I forget to write down exactly what I do when I do it.

11 March 2012

Do you have a military discount?

"Do you have a military discount?"

That sentence triggers so many different reactions from people and from me in different stores.  Today was the first day in almost 6 months of asking that the cashier said, "Thank you for serving."  And I had no idea what to say back because it caught me off guard.  I think I muttered out an "of course, you're welcome" or a variation of that.  It surprised me that this was the very first time it has happened in almost 6 months.

Maybe it's because I'm a preppy female, by the looks of me, I don't think most people would ever picture me as a member of the military, maybe as a daughter of a father who's spent years in the military.  And maybe it's because I haven't walked around in my uniform as military personnel that I may not feel like it quite yet while I'm in school.

Also, it's the most surprising stores that offer discounts.  Stores like Ralph Lauren, Journeys, and Express have me shopping there over other stores because they offer a military discount, though it might still not be as cheap as shopping at Forever 21 or Old Navy or a department store.  (Old Navy does actually offer a military discount, the first Monday I believe of the month?)  Usually, if they say they don't offer a military discount, I'm fine with that. No big deal.  It's times like when I went to Kohl's and the cashier said they don't offer it but she said she'd give me 15% anyways that make it worth asking.

The most shocking of stores that do not offer a military discount I have found is Victoria's Secret.  If there was ever a store to support the men and women in the military, it should be them.  I mean, who doesn't want to have a special sexy night before and after a deployment, or who doesn't want to still feel sexy when their husband is overseas for months?  I mean, come on, this just blew my mind!  The sexiest store in America does not offer a military discount? When they said that, my eyebrows went way up, my eyes got big, and my 'tude came out with a big "Seriously???"

BTW. Coming Home season premiere RIGHT NOW! This show has me in tears multiple times an hour.

10 March 2012

Spring Break!

It's my very last spring break EVER!  And you know what I'm doing?  Well today my mom and I are heading to Mechanicsburg, PA to go to the commissary at the Army War College and then dinner with my sailor's family.  Tomorrow, maybe church & shopping.  Monday, sleepover.  And the rest of the week is up in the air.  I've never spent a spring break on vacation, well I haven't even been on a vacation since 2007 (not by choice).

But this spring break is different because my last semester as a college senior is half way done.  I find that I'm way beyond ready to get the studying and classes over with and start working and making money.  There will be a lot of changes in the next few months with graduation, taking the NCLEX, commissioning, going to ODS, moving away from home, starting a career, and my sailor & I taking bigger steps together.

Although I want time to go by really, really fast to get to all of those things (some in particular ;) ) but I can't help but to be a little sad for the things I'm leaving behind.  Looking back on how much I wanted high school to end, now I see it as one of the most fun times I've had and made lots of memories.  So I'm trying to enjoy the moments I have left in college, and not be too concerned with the things that will come.  I know they'll get here, I just have to be patient.  Something I am not good at.  I'm also sad because my home and my mom are so important to me now, something that I've realized in the past year.  It's going to be hard to leave my mom all alone in the house and not be able to come home on the weekends or see her as much.

& now I have no idea where I was going with this.

But, my future looks good, damn it.  I can't wait for it all to happen & I know my family, my sailor & my friends will be there, even if I'm far away :)

05 March 2012

Knit Your Own Coffee Collars

I made this knitting project up, after many failed attempts to get it the right size.  It was a very fast pattern to make as a gift and can be individualized by the color of yarn.
 I've gotten lots of compliments on them already!

I used the Sugar 'n Cream 2.5 oz. yarn and was able to make more than one with the little balls they come in.  I also used size 3 needles, knitting tightly.  If you normally drink the very large cups of coffee, knit loosely and on slightly bigger needles if needed.  This pattern fits the smallest coffee size when knit tightly.

 For the plain knitting pattern, as shown above:
  1. CO 50 sts.
  2. Work in this pattern:  Row 1 Knit, Row 2 Purl and repeat.
  3. On Row 4, decrease 1 st. every 10 sts by purling 2 tog.
  4. Row 9:  Decrease 1 every 10 sts by knitting 2 tog.
  5. Row 14:  Dec 1 every 10 sts by purling 2 tog.
  6. Row 19:  Dec 1 every 10 sts by knitting 2 tog.
  7. BO row 25 and stitch sides together.

For the seed stitch pattern, as shown above:
  1. CO 50 sts.
  2. Work in the following pattern:  Row 1: K1, P1.  Row 2:  P1, K1, alternating.
  3. Row 5: K or P 2 tog twice every 20 sts, keeping with pattern. (Stitch 19 & 20 K tog, stitch 21 & 22 P tog, stitch 39 & 40 K tog, stitch 41 & 42 P tog)
  4. Row 9:  K or P2tog twice every 20 stitches.  (Stitch 19 & 20 K tog, stitch 21 & 22 P tog, stitch 39 & 40 K tog, stitch 41 & 42 P tog)
  5. Row 15:  P tog stitches 10 & 11, K tog stitches 12 & 13, P tog stitches 30 & 21, K tog stitches 32 & 33.
  6. BO row 25 and stitch sides together.