Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

11 March 2012

Do you have a military discount?

"Do you have a military discount?"

That sentence triggers so many different reactions from people and from me in different stores.  Today was the first day in almost 6 months of asking that the cashier said, "Thank you for serving."  And I had no idea what to say back because it caught me off guard.  I think I muttered out an "of course, you're welcome" or a variation of that.  It surprised me that this was the very first time it has happened in almost 6 months.

Maybe it's because I'm a preppy female, by the looks of me, I don't think most people would ever picture me as a member of the military, maybe as a daughter of a father who's spent years in the military.  And maybe it's because I haven't walked around in my uniform as military personnel that I may not feel like it quite yet while I'm in school.

Also, it's the most surprising stores that offer discounts.  Stores like Ralph Lauren, Journeys, and Express have me shopping there over other stores because they offer a military discount, though it might still not be as cheap as shopping at Forever 21 or Old Navy or a department store.  (Old Navy does actually offer a military discount, the first Monday I believe of the month?)  Usually, if they say they don't offer a military discount, I'm fine with that. No big deal.  It's times like when I went to Kohl's and the cashier said they don't offer it but she said she'd give me 15% anyways that make it worth asking.

The most shocking of stores that do not offer a military discount I have found is Victoria's Secret.  If there was ever a store to support the men and women in the military, it should be them.  I mean, who doesn't want to have a special sexy night before and after a deployment, or who doesn't want to still feel sexy when their husband is overseas for months?  I mean, come on, this just blew my mind!  The sexiest store in America does not offer a military discount? When they said that, my eyebrows went way up, my eyes got big, and my 'tude came out with a big "Seriously???"

BTW. Coming Home season premiere RIGHT NOW! This show has me in tears multiple times an hour.