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31 March 2012

Easter Memories

Although for the past bunch of years, Easter has not had very many festivities planned in my household.  Since there's no little kids anymore, or any little cousins running around, Easter has not been at the top of the lists.  It usually gets forgotten, minus Easter dinner, in the midst of the busy part of the semester.

But, honestly, Easter may be one of my favorite holidays.  When I think of future children, I picture Easter morning.  My husband and son wearing khakis and ties.  My daughter wearing the frilly white socks with a ruffled dress.  I picture going to church and doing all the fun activities of Easter Sunday, going to an Easter Egg Hunt in a cute rain jackets, little pastel colored baskets, dyeing eggs the few days before and hiding them throughout the house to find, getting the kids picture with the mall Easter bunny.

Today, in my development, a man dressed up in a really cute, non-creepy bunny costume was riding in the back of the trunk, horn honking, through the neighborhood to a house where all the little kids gathered for candy.  I have so many memories as a little kid with Easter and I think that might be why I enjoy it so much.  Easter was the holiday with my dad.  He was into making dyeing eggs a big ordeal and hiding them all over the house to find, along with trying to find our Easter baskets.

 If I could ever go back to being a kid, elementary school-aged, I would pick Easter morning, not Christmas.

Me, my brother, and family friend
This Easter, I have my sailor/fiance! home to dye eggs with and go to church with on Sunday.  I cannot WAIT to be able to get back to celebrating Easter like I did as a little kid, even if I'm not a little kid anymore.  Easter makes me want to have kids, maybe just to live vicariously through them. :) haha

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