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24 March 2012

I'm Engaged!

I'm getting married to my best friend!  I'm so excited!

My sailor came home last weekend after being out in the field for 3 weeks and we had a fun weekend planned at home.  On Saturday, we got up early to go on a hike at an undisclosed location that he would not tell me about.  I had no idea where we were headed once we got past the Harrisburg/Hershey area because I had never traveled to the northwest of PA really.  So after a 3 hour drive, we reached our destination, Bushkill Falls in the Poconos.  It's supposed to be PA's version of Niagara Falls, and it was really neat.  Although the trees weren't sprouting buds yet, there was still some green and the waterfalls were amazing!  There were 8 total.

So we were going through the paths all day and just enjoying the day alone.  Towards the end of the day, we got to the biggest waterfall they had, which was probably 4 stories high, about twice as big as the rest of them.  There was a bridge in front of it where everyone gathered to take lots of pictures and we waited till it kind of cleared out so we could enjoy it.  But then he pulls out a scrapbook from his bookbag? (I had asked him when walking in what was so large in his bookbag and he passed it off as it being a dumb question and it was the frame of the bookbag.  I totally bought it.)  And I looked at him like, "What in the HELL do you have a scrapbook in the forest for, near a waterfall, with mist everywhere?  Like is this the most opportune time to be doing this... we were just sitting on a big rock away from stuff and you couldn't have showed me this then?"  So he's just like, "Just look at it!"  I mean, I think that's what he said, it all got a little fuzzy.

As I read through the scrapbook, it goes through our story and all our adventures and laughs we've had together.  And trying to keep my tears in, at the end, it says, "I have a question to ask you..." And I turn the page and there's nothing there.  I look up at him and he's down on one knee, opening up a little black box asking me to marry him!  And then the tears just flowed and I was staring at it and people were staring at us, and I thought I said yes, but apparently I was shaking my head in circles instead of up and down.  And I just said, "Do I have to put it on myself?"  My sailor says, "Well you have to say yes first?" So I did, even though I thought I already had!

Right after he proposed

I was completely surprised.  I had no idea it was coming.  Especially because the day before we went to a jewelery store to try some things on and it threw me off.  My ring is absolutely perfect.  He picked it out himself and I could not have picked out a better one myself if I tried.  It had everything I liked in it and nobody else will have my ring :) 

 It was a great day after because we had no service until we left so we could just enjoy it together and have our own little secret until we got back to areas of civilization and cell phone service.

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