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18 March 2012

Slouched Knit Hat

One of my favorite knitting projects I have ever done was making this slouched knit hat.  It is a very easy and basic pattern.  It was my first project working with round needles and was not difficult to learn at all.

You'll need:
  • US 6 & 7, 16" circular needle
  • US 7 double pointed needles
  • A thin yarn, 150 yd. to be safe.
  •  Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle
1.  With small circular needles, CO 84 sts (This pattern is for a size small), placing marker at beginning of round and join in a circle.
2.  Work in K1P1 pattern for 6 rounds.
3.  Switch to large circular needles.
  •  Round 1:  K5, Inc1 with next stitch.  Repeat till end.
  • Round 2:  K all.
  • Round 3:  K6, Inc1 with next stitch.  Repeat till end.
4.  K all rounds without increasing until hat measures 5.5".
5.  Decrease to double pointed needles when too few stitches remain.
  • Round 1:  K6, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 2, 4, 6, 8:  K.
  • Round 3:  K5, K2 tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 5:  K4, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 7:  K3, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 9:  K2, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 10:  K1, K2tog.  Repeat to end.
  • Round 11:  K2tog to end.
  • Round 12:  K2tog to end.
6.  Cut yarn, leaving enough to thread through remaining stitches and pull to close top of hat.

Enjoy!  If anything needs clarified, send me a comment or email so I can help with anyone trying this out because my patterns can get lost when I forget to write down exactly what I do when I do it.