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29 April 2012

Knit Tank Top

I made this pattern up as I went along.  It fits loosely and is knit in a small size.  If you wish it to be very loose, tighter, or a larger size, increase/decrease the number of stitches accordingly.

1.  Cast on 60 stitches on size 10 straight needles.
2.  Rows 1-5:  Knit.
3.  Row 6:  Work in garter stitch until piece measures 7 1/2".  End on Purl.
4.  Next row:  K2tog every 10 sts.
5.  Continue garter until piece measures 10 1/2".
6.  Next row:  K2tog every 8 sts.
7.  Continue garter until 16 1/2".
8.  BO 4 sts.  K20.  BO 4 sts.  K to end.
9.  Purl row.
10.  Place stitch holder, BO1.  K to end.
11.  BO4.  P to end.
12.  BO1.  K to end.
13.  BO1.  P to end.
14.  BO1.  K to end.
15.  BO1.  P to end.
16.  BO1.  K to end.
17.  Continue alternating without binding off until piece measures 24 1/2".  BO all.
18.  Pick up sts on holder.  BO1 beginning of each row till 12 sts remain.
19.  Continue garter st until piece measures 24 1/2".  BO all.
20.  Sew sides and tops of tank top together.

It's a very easy pattern!  I used a light weight silky yarn so that it wasn't as heavy and I would just wear it over top of a cami during the spring, but haven't gotten the chance to wear it yet.