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18 April 2012

Relay for Life, Princess Themed

This past weekend it was a fun night I looked forward to for a year since last year's event.  It was Relay for Life!  Last year our nursing group was pop star themed and I dressed up as Katy Perry...

This year we were Disney princess themed!

If you've never been part of a Relay for Life event, it's definitely something to put on your bucket list, even if you don't make it through the whole night.  The luminary ceremony and survivor's walk will bring even the manliest to tears.  Both of my grandmother's have lived through breast cancer, which is a story I need to get around to asking my living grandmother about while I still have her.

The whole theme of our event was the 90's.  There were ninja turtles, dalmatians, tie-dye, and neon workout clothes, and us, the Disney princesses!  I, technically, was not a 1990's princess... I was Giselle from Enchanted.
I made my dress from scratch, minus the white cami I built on because I ran out of time to make a real top.  When I get time in the future, I will add more detail for future Halloween's.  Here's some photos from our event:
I couldn't fit through a single door

I used an actual hula hoop to make a hoop skirt.

Princess Parade down to the gym

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