Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

27 May 2012

Knit a Prayer Shawl

I made this pattern up myself, and it could not be any easier.  I have gotten countless compliment on the ones I have made.  I currently have the pink one shown, and a fall colored orange and green one.

Pin from my grandmother

You'll need:
1 to 2 skeins of yarn, depending on how tightly you knit. I used one of the Homespun Yarn by Lion Brand Yarn because it's soft, warm, and has a great blend of colors.
24" size 11 circular needles (using circular needles gets rid of any need to have a seam!)

  1. Cast on 50 stitches.
  2.   Join in the round, placing marker at end of row.
  3. Purl 10 rows.
  4. On rows 11, 21, 31, 41, and 51:  Yarn over every 5 stitches to decrease stitches.
  5. Continue pattern until piece measures to elbows, or desired length.
  6. Bind off.
  7. Add pendant to bunch shoulder for design.
 It's really that easy!

22 May 2012

Meeting up with my Sailor In DC

My sailor and I had another fun trip meeting, well not exactly halfway... more like I travel 1/3 of the way and he traveled 2/3 to Washington DC.  We spent 2 nights together outside of the city and took the orange metro line in, which was nice because we didn't have to drive far to the metro stop from our hotel in Herndon.  We were even able to navigate our way and switch metro lines like we were pros at it!

My sailor's 1st panda.

We went to the National Zoo, Air & Space Museum, Capitol building, American History museum (which was our favorite), and checked out the National Monument, White House (as close as we could get to it), and the WWII memorial.

We have a thing for dinosaurs.

 And, of course, I was all about everything that had to do with military nursing and he was all about anything that involved corpsman.  What can you do? lol

Seeing all the old nursing uniforms and duties really makes you realize how different today is than 10, 30, 50, 100 years ago.  In our lifetimes we're already going to be telling our kids and grandkids about cassette tapes, VHS, CD players, etc. and I've only been alive 22 years!  The next 22 years will have a lot of changes I'm sure as well... I can't wait to see how medicine changes.  Many nurses, only in their 40's, have seen major changes with drug administration and practices that we see an inhumane today, who knows what we're doing now that our kids will look at as barbaric?  I'm calling dialysis and chemo treatments as major things that will be changed.  I mean, if you think about it, taking someone's blood, running it through a machine to take out different electrolytes and bodily waste products, and putting it back in while they sit there for hours seems kind of gross... but it's what we have to work with today.

The future is so promising!

We had a really good time and still have a lot more to see on our next trip there because there's so many memorials we didn't get to walk to and the museums are always changing some of their exhibits.

14 May 2012

College Grad!

I have officially graduated college!  I can not express the excitement I have to not have to study for tests, take exams, write papers, do busy work, read endless chapters... until as I am sitting here and I'm procrastinating studying.  The first Monday after graduation and I already sat through a 3 hour class today that I have M/W/F for the next 2.5 weeks to prepare to take my nursing boards.  This is some sick joke, right?  Nope.

But graduation week was so much fun!  Wednesday was the big pinning ceremony, where nurses are pinned by (usually) a nurse, or someone who's had an impact on their college career.  I asked my professor, Dr. Fowler, to pin me because she counseled me on my military nursing career path, as she was an Army nurse working in the psychiatric field during Vietnam, and actually got to wear the white dress with white tights and the cap.  She has always been a genuine person and allowed me to grow to find the right branch for me.

And on Friday, we had graduation....
My decorated cap!

My best friends

My family
Although it was a bummer that my sailor was out at 29 Palms getting ready for training and couldn't come, we had a great weekend at DC prior to that (next blog haha), and I had a great weekend visiting with my favorite uncle.   My sailor's mom and grandparents came too and it was fun calling each other the future in-laws :)

09 May 2012

Graduation Week

It's the week I've been waiting years for, graduation week!  Tonight is the nurses pinning ceremony and Friday is commencement.  It's hard to believe that I actually have made it through 4 years of college, kicking and screaming through some of it.  I can truly say that if it weren't for the people in the program with me that I would have probably given up at one point.  There were lots of bitching sessions before, during, and after class or clinical.  Sometimes I look back at all the papers, care plans, tests, and chapters I had to read and I just think, "How did I ever get all of that done??"

But now it's time for some fun!

My dress I found on via, Jessica Simpson shoes & VS bodyshapers!

Tassel, Hood, & Cords!
 I remember my high school graduation like it was yesterday.  I'm thankful I'm still close with my high school group of friends to this day and I hope my favorites of college will stay with me as I travel to NC and begin my Navy nurse career.

The only downfall to all of this is that my sailor left for training in California yesterday.  No cell phone for over a month & he's not here during all my big events he's been helping me reach for a long time. :( 

But, my uncle is coming down & my family will be there so I'm happy with what I have.

Do I feel like Elle Woods?
Slighlty. ;)

04 May 2012

Disney's Tangled Inspirational Message

I am in love with Disney movies as a 22 year old for many reasons.  One of the main things is definitely the soundtracks!  Bust this one out when you're getting ready in the morning...

Another reason is the hidden adult humor you can find when watching a child's movie you haven't seen since you were little that you never picked up on because you were focused on the characters, music, and very basic story line. 

And who could resist this guy?
Pascal, Rapunzel's chameleon
 Another reason are the simple themes and life lessons that they have.

Tangled, for instance, could very basically be good triumphs, love wins in the end, magical hair can be a blessing and a curse.  Or as an adult, it can be that branching out of your comfort zone can lead you to places that you never dreamed of and that you are stronger than you think to accept change and persevere when life is against you and unfamiliar.  That life lesson I will have to experience in the very near future as I leave a familiar place of home in Pennsylvania, going back to school in the fall, and friends and family around me.  I'll be leaving to a different type of life where I will be respected and saluted as an officer by men twice my age, as I practice as an independent nurse, move to North Carolina to live with my sailor, go to Officer Development School.

And maybe just like Rapunzel, we have someone like her mother who we fear will ridicule us for branching out or starting something new.  Maybe our "mother" is an actual person, persons, or society in general.  But like Rapunzel, how will you know without ever trying?

Like Rapunzel asks, "When will your life begin?"

Gettin' Ma Hurr Did

I'm not one to regularly get my hair cut & colored on a normal basis. It usually ends up happening twice a year, before or mid-winter, and summer, usually because of money so I'll box dye my hair inbetween. But since graduation is coming up, I decided it was time and I needed to get the half grown out black out of hair once and for all.

I have been going to the same hair dresser for almost 10 years now! (sometimes when I'm counting years I forget I've actually completed college and didn't just finish college instead) Although she's moved locations 3 or 4 times, we have followed her. I even babysat her 4 month old twin girls for the entire summer of my sophomore year. Well they started out at 4 months old, ended up 8 months by the end of summer. Thank God for that job because it helped me on countless questions during my pediatric nursing class.They were so precious!

Going to get my hair cut is such a glorious experience for me, I really think it's like a massage afternoon. Everyone wants to talk but I'd rather sit there with my eyes closed and enjoy my hair being played with. It relieves headaches and stress and let's me relax. Not to mention that my salon gives you a glass of wine to enjoy as well. But even when I was little I would fall asleep in the chair when I got my hair cut. And I've gotten extremely close as an adult!

Usually getting my hair done is pretty extreme.  Let it grow out till it's down my back with the occasional trim to keep it healthy, and then cut off 10+ inches to donate.  I have donated my hair 3 times in the last 7 years through Locks of Love. (BTW if you're hair isn't 10 inches long, they will still take it, they sell the shorter pieces out to wig companies to cover the costs of making theirs & advertising so don't think because it's only 7 inches it can't be donated!)

This time it was only a trim, and stripping out the black so that I was blonde for 30 minutes before going brown again. I know, you can totally tell the difference in my hair cut.... rightttttt.

I'm just bored &  hanging out in a hotel outside of DC waiting for my sailor to get here so we can spend the weekend together before he goes to California for a month to a month and a half for pre-deployment training. Nothing says adult behavior like hanging out in a hotel room... and watching Tangled. haha  I'll never grow up :)