Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

14 May 2012

College Grad!

I have officially graduated college!  I can not express the excitement I have to not have to study for tests, take exams, write papers, do busy work, read endless chapters... until as I am sitting here and I'm procrastinating studying.  The first Monday after graduation and I already sat through a 3 hour class today that I have M/W/F for the next 2.5 weeks to prepare to take my nursing boards.  This is some sick joke, right?  Nope.

But graduation week was so much fun!  Wednesday was the big pinning ceremony, where nurses are pinned by (usually) a nurse, or someone who's had an impact on their college career.  I asked my professor, Dr. Fowler, to pin me because she counseled me on my military nursing career path, as she was an Army nurse working in the psychiatric field during Vietnam, and actually got to wear the white dress with white tights and the cap.  She has always been a genuine person and allowed me to grow to find the right branch for me.

And on Friday, we had graduation....
My decorated cap!

My best friends

My family
Although it was a bummer that my sailor was out at 29 Palms getting ready for training and couldn't come, we had a great weekend at DC prior to that (next blog haha), and I had a great weekend visiting with my favorite uncle.   My sailor's mom and grandparents came too and it was fun calling each other the future in-laws :)