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A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

04 May 2012

Disney's Tangled Inspirational Message

I am in love with Disney movies as a 22 year old for many reasons.  One of the main things is definitely the soundtracks!  Bust this one out when you're getting ready in the morning...

Another reason is the hidden adult humor you can find when watching a child's movie you haven't seen since you were little that you never picked up on because you were focused on the characters, music, and very basic story line. 

And who could resist this guy?
Pascal, Rapunzel's chameleon
 Another reason are the simple themes and life lessons that they have.

Tangled, for instance, could very basically be good triumphs, love wins in the end, magical hair can be a blessing and a curse.  Or as an adult, it can be that branching out of your comfort zone can lead you to places that you never dreamed of and that you are stronger than you think to accept change and persevere when life is against you and unfamiliar.  That life lesson I will have to experience in the very near future as I leave a familiar place of home in Pennsylvania, going back to school in the fall, and friends and family around me.  I'll be leaving to a different type of life where I will be respected and saluted as an officer by men twice my age, as I practice as an independent nurse, move to North Carolina to live with my sailor, go to Officer Development School.

And maybe just like Rapunzel, we have someone like her mother who we fear will ridicule us for branching out or starting something new.  Maybe our "mother" is an actual person, persons, or society in general.  But like Rapunzel, how will you know without ever trying?

Like Rapunzel asks, "When will your life begin?"