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11 June 2012

Knit Knee-High Leg Warmer Socks

I made this pattern after many, many failed attempts to get all the stitches in the correct pattern to work with the cables.  Let me know if it needs any clarifications.

 You'll need:
2 skeins of yarn
Needles, size 7
Circular needle
Double point needles

  1. CO 14 sts.
  2. Increase 1 st on the lateral side every other row, 8 times.
  3. Knit for size of foot, to beginning of heel, about 5 inches (for my size 7.5).
  4. Decrease 1 st each side every other row, 3 times. 
  5. Knit 2 inches or to end of heel.
  6. Decrease 1 stitch each side on last row.
  7. Bind off.
  8. Repeat for 2nd foot exactly, can be turned over to match opposite foot.
  1.  Cast on 14 stitches.
  2. Increase 1 stitch lateral side, every other row 10 times.
  3. Start cable pattern for length of foot, end on Row 8. (Cable pattern below.)
  4. Add 27 stitches for back and each side, increasing stitches between cables to 4. 
  5. Work in cable pattern to knee.
  6. Finish with K all stitches 10 rows, decreasing stitches.
  7. Bind off.
  1. Sew bottoms to tops, being careful to make sure cable pattern is on top.  Start at toe and work around to heel, and then up to knee.
  2. Add crocheted strings and pom-poms.  If wanted, sew on grippers to bottom of feet.
Cable Pattern:

            Row 1: P2, K6, P1, K6, P1, K6, P2
            Row 2:  K2, P6, K1, P6, K1, P6, K2
            Row 3 & 4:  Repeat rows 1 & 2
Row 5:  P2, slip next 3 onto dpn in front of work, K3, K3 on dpn, P1, slip next 3 onto dpn in front of work, K3, K3 on dpn, P1, slip 3 onto dpn in front of work, K3, K3 on dpn, P2
            Row 6:  Repeat row 2
            Row 7 & 8:  Repeat rows 1 & 2