Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

06 June 2012

Nothing new, but reading my favorite blog...

I have absolutely nothing new to report or blog about.  My sailor is still out in the field, I'm still studying for the NCLEX, still waiting for my leave date, and just hanging out in between it all.

So I thought I'd let everyone know about a blog I found and find it absolutely incredible and inspiring.  You can find it by clicking HERE!  

It's about a couple who's life was interrupted by an unexpected accident leaving her husband with a traumatic brain injury, and their daily life going to occupational therapy, how they get ready through the day, and much, much more.  

It is heart-wrenching and I am often on the verge of tears when I read posts or see the success he is having.  This blog gives me hope that if I was ever presented with this situation that I could get through it.  With my sailor working as a field medic for the Marines and training to go to Afghanistan on deployment in a few months... my major fear is that 1. he won't come home and 2. he won't come in one piece, mentally or physically.  Many soldiers suffer brain injuries, whether severe or minor, from car bombs or other explosions, and this blog makes me stronger to know that if this couple could persevere through a severe brain injury, then I could too and I could be there 110% for my sailor through whatever happens.  

Her faith and love inspire me everyday to be a better fiance and better nurse.  You have to check it out.