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20 July 2012

3.5 Weeks in NC

It has been 3.5 weeks that we've  been living in North Carolina now, minus a few days back home in PA for the 4th and a week long vacation in the Outer Banks, but still not much progress on the house.  I've finally gotten all the stuff organized as far as possible, while having no desk, no dressers, no shelving, or anything besides the bed and table we purchased the first weekend.  We both want to be there to buy the big things so Monday through Friday is out while he works and I play at home until I leave for training (which is in 3 weeks and 1 day!!!  I have to say though, I am ready to start making that salary and getting my nurse back on).

So here's a few pictures of our home as it is this morning... nothing exciting unfortunately because we want to make all of our artwork by hand and I refuse to have a bunch of mismatched items decorating the rooms.  So until we make all the large furniture purchases, we're living with white walls and box furniture!

Our boring bedroom... for now.
Our make-shift box desk until we get that and shelving.

My bathroom has unconsciously turned into a Mexican themed room.

Our living room futon!

Our bookshelf for now :(

At least the kitchen is decorated a little bit!  It's my favorite room so far!

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