Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

09 August 2012

Watch out Navy, Here I Come!

This is my final post before I leave for 5 weeks of ODS, Officer Development School, in Newport, RI.  I am so excited to head north after spending over a month in North Carolina, in the 110 degree heat indexes and forcing myself to wake up before 7 am so that I could get a run in before 8 when it starts getting HOT and so humid!

From the people I have talked to, ODS is called "Fork & Knife" school because we learn how to wear the uniform, customs and courtesies, how to drill, naval history, and the other basics, with less physical training and hard stuff like in basic training or OCS, Officer Candidate School.  Basically, ODS is catered to nurses, doctors, veterinarians, lawyers, and such.  So I'm counting on being one of the younger ones since I went to school for 4 years right out of high school, while those who have gone to 4 years pre-med/law then 4 years graduate, and residencies or what not, may have a few years on me.

I've never been to Rhode Island so I'm excited to see the area and do some shopping downtown when we have liberty!  I'm also so ready to start getting paid :) 

My big question going in now is if my hair is going to cooperate to be put in the fist of a bun I'll need to wear in uniform because it's at a medium length and has some layers and it didn't grow as fast as I thought it would.  I may end up chopping it to a bob when I get there if it's too much of a hassle.

Next time I post, I'll have my uniforms and lots to write about!

04 August 2012

Make your own Beach Picture Frame

You will need:
  •  Elmer's glue
  • Seashells (make it special and wait till you can pick them off of the beach yourself!)
  • Sand
  • Picture frame, whatever size you desire, works best with white

  1. Take the glass and back off of the picture frame so there is no need to tape to protect it.
  2.  With your finger spread a thick layer of glue over the top of the frame.
  3. Pour a generous amount of sand over and let it sit for an hour before you shake the excess sand off.
  4. If any spots are left bare, apply more glue to that area and sprinkle with sand.
5.  If gluing on small seashells (dime-sized or smaller), fill the entire back of the seashell and place on frame.  If using a larger seashell, put glue along the outer edge.  Let dry and flip over to see how well they are stuck to the frame.
6.  Replace the glass, add a picture, and the backing!