Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

28 October 2012

1 week down, 30 to go.

It's been one week since I watched the love of my life get on a bus and head overseas on his first deployment.  Luckily, I've been super busy at work and when I get home to really sit down and get sad.  I'm also lucky to have gotten a phone call from him last night before he starts getting into the more dangerous stuff and I lose communication.  A big shout out to my momma, Uncle Handsome, my MOH Rachael, and bridesmaids Ashley, Kim, and Shelby, and groomsmen Josh to checking in on me and my new wifey friends Claire and Allison for getting me out to see Pitch Perfect (which is an absolutely hilariousssss movie!) and having a girl's night out! :)

All of his stuff

The Wolfpack
On the home front!

14 October 2012

Pre-Deployment. One more week...

This time next week I will be starting my estimated 7 month journey without my sailor, who is leaving for his first deployment.  I'm doing fairly well knowing that it is coming, without really having a grasp on how long 7 months will be without him.  The longest we've been separated is about 6 months when he first went to boot camp, and A and C school, but we got to talk a good bit during the schools.

I'm fortunate that I will be very busy while he is away, finishing up my orientation and beginning as a nurse officially on the postpartum and labor and delivery unit, which I am excited about because work will be a happy place.  I'm also very lucky because my mom will be coming down to North Carolina to live with me while he's away to keep each other entertained because I know I would go into a deep state of depression if I was by myself.  Best mom ever! :)

Unfortunately while he is away, I will be planning our entire wedding by myself.  Although we mostly have all the major details planned out but not set in stone, it's sad but humorous that I'll be sending him a Save-the-Date across the world for when he gets home.  He's sitting next to me right now getting all of his addresses in order for me.

I'm ready for anyone who's gone through a deployment to let me know all the secrets on how to get through it!

06 October 2012

Things I'm Obsessed with this Fall

It might not feel like fall here in North Carolina quite yet, but I am super excited for fall weather, the leaves changing colors (it hasn't even started here yet), fall flavors, fall fashion, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.  Yesterday it was a summery 85 degrees and at least on Monday there will be an "early arctic front" making it 65, says the weatherman.

There's so many things I'm excited about this fall!

Old Navy's Pop of Color jeans... so comfy and stretchy and the colors are awesome!
  Putting Pinterest to good use and making holiday wreaths for my new home!

If you are a fairy tale lover, you need to get into this show!  Catch up online because this season is so good.  It ties in so many different character's stories so well.

New comedy and absolutely hilarious.  If you liked her in No Strings Attached, she's just like that character.
My new obsessions also include:  DV-Ring TV shows (we'll never get rid of our free trial now), pumpkin scented candles, vacuuming with my awesome Hoover, Fruit Roll-ups (why did I ever stop eating them?), and sending greeting cards because who doesn't love mail and my new address labels?