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A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

04 November 2012

Fun Things to do in NC.. Duplin Winery

Before I got down here, everyone gave me the nasty face about coming to Camp Lejeune, NC, but most of those people were from large cities so I can understand that compared to having a zoo or nightclubs and excessive shopping and art galleries down the street, this is an improvement from having 2 stoplights in my town and driving at least 45 minutes for good shopping.  I'm used to trying to get creative for new things to do. 

So if you are at Camp Lejeune, and of the drinking age, which 50% of the people are not here, you have to go to the Duplin Winery. (With a DD of course, Arrive Alive!)  I had no idea North Carolina was such a wine country!  And this place is the leader of the pack.  I had a tour of the facility from one of the guys who started the company, and he then did lots of wine tasting, and then had a light early dinner, which I like to call linner (like brunch but lunch/dinner).

I learned so much about wine making and grapes that day!  It was my sailor and my last romantic outing together and we had a blast!  I'm definitely going back with everyone who comes to visit me.  It was less than an hour from the front gate and I came home with a BIG box of wine, plus they have a military discount that is equal to the club member's prices! The North Carolina grapes, muscadine grapes, make a sweet wine but they have lots of reds and whites to choose from and lots of special holiday wines.