Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

02 January 2013

2012 in Pictures

Looking back on what seemed to be one of the fastest years yet!

Trips to meet in the middle across the east coast... Williamsburg, VA & Washington DC

Getting engaged in front of a waterfall!
Nurses' Pinning Ceremony

Graduating as the first in my family to get their Bachelor's degree
A re-make of senior week in OCMD, college style
Our first home in Hubert, NC
A family vacation in OBX
Becoming a commissioned officer and Navy Nurse
Sailing around Newport, RI
Touring Boston, MA
Ending the year with some of the family
Getting a big girl car!
 What a year! My 2013 resolutions are to learn to cook more (especially grilling), read more (especially finish the Bible... a few more books to go!), check out North Carolina (Raleigh, Charlotte) and the surrounding states, and keep in touch with old and new friends.

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