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18 January 2013

Knit Newborn Hats

I've been knitting newborn hats for a while... kind of doing one every so often when longer projects never seem to end and I need to feel like I'm getting somewhere while knitting.  For Christmas, I was able to donate 22 newborn hats to the postpartum unit I'm working on!  I may be biased, but I think my hats looked the best. :)  There are several variations so I will start with the basic.

 You'll need:
  • Your choice of baby yarn (it's softer)
  • Double pointed needles, size 4
  • Straight needles, size 4
  • Darning needle
Adding a few with different patterns.

For the Christmas baby girls in stitch-stitch pattern

The basic knitting pattern is as follows:
  1. Cast on 62 stitches.
  2. Knit all stitches for 32 rows.
  3. On next two rows, K2tog and knit to end.
  4. Transfer to 3 double pointed needles, 20 stitches on each needle.
  5. Knit 11 rounds
  6. SSK, K6, K2tog twice, K6, K2tog
  7. Repeat step 6 two times.
  8. Knit row
  9. Repeat step 6 on opposite rows, decreasing knit stitches with each row, and knitting a row inbetween until approximately 12 stitches remain.
  10. K2tog for entire row.
  11. Cut yarn and thread with darning needle through remaining stitches and sew to secure thread.
  12. Using darning needle, sew seams together.
You can really get creative by using different stitches, such as a stitch-stitch pattern, seed stitch, creating a ribbed edge, adding bows or pompoms.  Simply substitute the knitting for purling or adding a ribbed edge.  Be careful if adding ribbing that you keep even numbers of stitches so the pattern flows evenly.  If you are making these to donate, I suggest making different sizes by casting on fewer or more stitches because babies can be super tiny or super big!

To make the bow:

Cast on 10 stitches and knit each row until 3 inches long and cast off.  Wrap a piece of yarn around the center a few times and knot in back to secure.  With darning needle, secure to hat.

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