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26 February 2013

DIY Victoria's Secret PINK High-Waisted Ruffle Skirt

 I have the awful (but not so bad) problem while shopping now that when I find something I like, it often crosses my mind, "Hey, I can make that! and save a lot of money by doing it too!"  So I inevitably have a folder filled with pictures of things I've found shopping that I told myself I would make and not buy.  One in particular was this skirt from Victoria's Secret PINK...

It is a really simple project.

You'll need:
  • Fabric of your choosing (you'll want it to be at least 20" wide... most fabrics come pretty wide anyways so this shouldn't be a problem).  Get it in a length twice as long as your hip measurement.
  • Ribbed cotton fabric for waistband (go by your measurements)
  • 25-30" zipper to match fabric (when in doubt go with the bigger size, you can cut it shorter but not make it longer)
 1.  Lay skirt fabric out, measure and cut for desired length, adding 2 inches for seams.
2.  Pin seams along long and short edges, folding over fraying side to be hidden under the crease (this prevents it from further fraying during wear and wash).
3.  Sew these edges, creating a rectangular piece with each edge folded over and sewn.
4.  For beginning sewers, cut a piece of yarn/ribbon/string to the length of your waist, plus one inch for seam.  This will be used as your guide when creating the pleats.
5.  Pin fabric in one inch pleats on one of the long sides of the fabric.  They should not overlap, but start where one ends.  You may need to play with the spacing when finished in case it has ended up too large or small in measurement for your hips.
6.  Sew 1/4" in from top to stabilize the pleats.
7.  With ribbed cotton fabric, measure a piece to be 7" wide by your waist measurement.
8.  Fold ribbed fabric length-wise (hotdog style) and pin both edges to close the fabric along pleats with the right side facing each other (when pinned, it should flip up and create a seam on the inside with a natural seam at the top from where it was folded over).
9.  Sew these pieces together.
10.  All that's left is to combine the long piece into a circle by adding the zipper.  Aligning the top of the zipper to the top of the skirt, pin in place on both sides. The ribbed fabric vs. the bottom of the skirt should naturally make a 45 degree angle, coming in smaller at your waist.
11.  Sew each side of the zipper.  If there is extra zipper on the bottom, simply cut off and sew a few times back and forth across the end.

I plan on making more of these in different fabric and patterns because it's a fun skirt!