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16 February 2013

Quick Sew & Zip Skirt

This skirt is a very quick sew and for beginning sewers.  It can make a nice pencil skirt and a quick sew at the top doesn't make the best waist line but if you're wearing a belt or shirt over top, it doesn't need one.

You'll need:
  • Fabric (desired width depending upon if you want it below, at, or above the knee)
  • Interfacing if your fabric is see-through
  • Matching thread
  • 6" zipper to match
1.  Cut fabric to desired width, adding an extra 3 inches for seams.
2.  Cut fabric length-wise by measuring hips, adding 4 inches for seam.
3.  Pin long edges by folding over the frays so that they are on the inside of the seam.  (This prevents them from fraying during wear and washing.
4.  Sew long edge seams, creating the hem.
5.  Pin short edges same as above.
6.  Sew short edge seams. (I prefer to do this to make sure the seams do not fall apart when sewing in the zipper.)  You should now have a rectangular piece of fabric with the edges all formed into seams.
7. While holding the outside pattern (right side) facing each other, use pencil or chalk to draw a 45 degree angle.  The widest part of the fabric will be the bottom, and the smallest the waist (Make sure your 45 degree angle does not make your waist smaller than your waist measurement).

8.  Line the top of the zipper with the top of the skirt using the 45 degree angle as your seam reference.  Pin into place with the zipper on the right side (so that it shows with the outside pattern).  Do not make it too close that you will be sewing over the zipper.  If you are having difficulties, try ironing the fabric to keep it more stiff.
9.  When you get the zipper pinned on one side, repeat for the other side.
10.  Sew along both edges of zipper, and include a straight stitch across bottom to secure the bottom of the zipper.

11.  With zipper in place, pin along the chalk/pencil mark to finish connecting the sides of the skirt and sew together.

This skirt is great because you can really change it up depending upon the fabric you decide to use.