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A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

31 March 2013

DIY Pleated Skirt

 Pleats are actually quite easy to make; they just take a little bit of extra pinning. It's a quick and easy skirt to make and can really spice up your closet with different patterns.

You'll need:
  • Fabric, length twice the size of your hips
  • Matching thread
  • Button
  1. Cut fabric at length twice as long as your hips, plus 1 inch for seam.
  2. Cut fabric width at desired length of skirt, plus 1 inch for seam.
  3. Cut a piece twice as long as your hips with a width of 6 inches (this will be your waist band).
  4. I prefer to secure around my fabric first to prevent any fraying and so that it is held tight, so I would pin the rectangle of fabric all the way around creating a 1/4-1/5 inch seam.
  5. On one of the long sides, pin each pleat, over lapping the fabric 1 inch.  Sew along pleats to secure.
  6.  Folding waist band piece in half (hotdog style) with right side facing outward, pin and sew along all open edge to create seam.
  7. Lining one end of waist band up to one end of pleating, pin pieces together and sew.  The excess of the waist band will over lap to secure button.
  8. Pin and sew ends of skirt together, leaving 2 inches at top free.
 9.  On waist band that lines up with the edge of skirt, sew a button 2 inches in from seam.
10.  Try skirt on and mark where the button hole needs to be.
11.  By folding over fabric, cut a small hold, big enough for the button to fit through, but be careful not to make it too large that it won't fall out.
12.  With thread and needle, sew around button hold to prevent fraying.