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27 May 2013

DIY Coffee Table Into Cushioned Bench

I always wanted a cushioned bench but never found one I absolutely loved in stores.  So I took a trip around to thrift stores and found this lovely coffee table that I could use to turn it into a big one!

Most of the damage to it is a bunch of scratches on top of the table, and luckily, I won't even have to bother sanding them out since it will be covered.

First thing I did was buy my supplies.  I picked up some foam and fabric from Joann Fabrics and spray paint.  The legs were in good shape so I didn't need to sand anything down so I got right to cleaning it and spray painting.

I used a staple gun to position the foam and cut off the extra length.  Then I centered the fabric and folded under the frayed edge to keep it secure.

And that's it!