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07 July 2013

DIY Glass Bottles Turned Drinking Glasses

I made a few drinking glasses out of Corona bottles and use them for drinking and on taco night to put condiments and toppings in.  They're also a great gift!

NOTE:  Be extremely careful when handing broken glass and fire.

You'll need:
  • Glass bottles of your choosing
  • String/Twine
  • Nail polish remover with acetone
  • Lighter or matches
  • Sink filled with cold water
  • Sand paper
After cleaning and drying your bottles, wrap and tie the twine around the bottle where you want it to be cut 5 or 6 times. Cut loose ends off of the knot.

Slide string off of the bottle, keeping the shape and soak in the nail polish remover for a few seconds, making sure it is all soaked.

Replace string onto bottle where you want it cut. Wipe off any liquid that drops down or is on your fingers.

CAREFULLY light the string.  Rotate the bottle to keep the flame moving around the bottle.  When the flame is extinguished after about 30 seconds to a minute, drop into the water.  There will be a large cracking noise but you will have a clean cut that is not hot.

Use sand paper to sand down sharp edges.  Make sure you test on your finger before drinking directly from the glass and wash good to get any glass chips off so you don't ingest it.