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13 July 2013

DIY Wine Text Painting

I saw this originally on Wanelo and wanted to make my own.  It was simple, but slightly time consuming to make.  I found a canvas the size I wanted and printed out the words I wanted on Microsoft Word and arranged them how I wanted them (it took a few tries).  

Then I cut out the letters word by word and traced around them.  Although time consuming, it kept the text similar rather than free handing.  Then I painted the background and finished with a few coats on the letters to make them stand out.  It's great because if (and when) we move, I can put it vertically or horizontally depending on the space I have. 

It's a great project because you can theme it around anything other than wine types like for a little girl it could be themed around princesses and for boys around different types of trucks or whatever they are into.

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