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01 July 2013

How to Hide your Cat Litter Box

The one thing North Carolina is lacking that hurts me to the core is that they don't have basements!  Being so close to the coast, this was weird after all my life having a basement for storage and keeping the cat food & litter box down there.  We also do not have a garage so I've had to get creative while trying to hide the cat litter box so that our downstairs bathroom can still be functional.  It has sat next to the toilet for a couple months but with litter always getting trailed out and the unsightliness, I needed to find a better solution.

There's a lot fo nice furniture like end tables and benches with hidden cat litter doors to use but with limited space, I needed a better option.

I used the downstairs bathroom and dedicated the cabinet soley for the pets.  On the left side I store their bowls, cleaning supplies, and food. On the right, I removed the cabinet door and put the cat litter box inside.  I used a tension rod at the counter height and hung a plain valance curtain (Target $20).

The cats adjusted really well!  I think they might like it better because.. well, curtains are fun to hide behind!

When I get my sewing machine down here, I'm going to be making a new curtain with a fun pattern.

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