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29 July 2013

Knit Kitchen Chair Leg Protectors

I needed a cute way to protect the bottom of my kitchen chairs without buying some ugly rubber or plastic protector so I came up with a knitting pattern to fit on the bottom of them.  This pattern works for thick square legs. Reduce the number of stitches for smaller chair legs.

You'll need:
  • 1 skein of yarn
  • Knitting needles, size 6
  • Darning needle
1.   CO 10 stitches.
2.  Working in seed stitch, work 1.5"
3.   For the next two rows, add on 10 stitches at end of row.
4.  Continue in seed stitch until piece measures 3".
5.  BO 10 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows.
6.  Work in seed stitch until piece measures 4.5".
7.  BO all stitches.
8.  Knit corners together to create corner seams.
9.  Make enough for all of the chair legs aka 16 for 4 chairs.

**Make sure you size it correctly and make one completely to be sure that it fits before you go through and make 16 that are too big or small**

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