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19 October 2014

Viva la Roma!

This is the first in a series of blog posts about our honey-versay to Italy because there's too many good things to condense into 1 single blog post.

Our first 3 days we spent in Rome, touring the Roman ruins and eating the most incredible pizzas, spaghetti, gelato and drinking lots and lots of wine and coffee because it's cheaper than water!

 The Vatican Museum

 Rooftop view of Rome

 Eutruscan artwork

 Michaelangelo's Pieta

 St. Peter's Basilica

 The Vatican

The Colloseum

 The Panthenon

 Piazza Navona

Museums, churches, and artwork will never live up to what Rome offers.

We went with Trafalgar tours and booked through AAA.  Although a group of 52 people sounds like a lot (a while coach bus full), we got to know everyone great, and we were the youngest couple on the tour so we became known as "the kids."  We loved being with the older generation since we both have old souls.  Being our honeymoon/1st anniversary trip, we got to get all of their life advice and it made the trip truly special to us.

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