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13 January 2015

DIY Rolled Burlap Roses

 You'll need:
  • Burlap, either ribbon or strips cut out of a layer of burlap about 2" wide, 2 feet long, depending on how big you want your flowers.
  • Scissiors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric or felt for backing.
  1. I used a large piece of burlap and cut strips from it to make my flowers.  I did this one at a time so I wouldn't waste any.
2.  Start by folding a 90 degree angle at the end of the piece.

3.  Fold the bottom corner of the triangle made to touch the opposite where the 90 degree corner is made.

 4.  Begin to roll the burlap by twisting away from the center.  This will create the rolled look in the leaves.  It took me a few attempts to get the hang of it and keep it tight.  It will seem to be a tall flower but when you finish it will lay flat.
5.  Turn flower over so that top is on your working surface and squash down with your hand to make flat.  Add a decent amount of hot glue in a circle and apply a small piece of fabric to bottom so secure it.
6.  Add hot glue where the rose needs extra support aroud the edges and in the center.  Let me just remind you to be careful while using hot glue with burlap... burlap has holes in it... the hot glue spreads easily.

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