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07 February 2015

DIY: Sew a Pencil Skirt with Pleated Back

You'll need:
  • Fabric (long enough for your waist size times 2 and wide enough to measure from your hips to below your knees)
  • Waist band fabric (if you desire it to be different from the skirt)
  • 2 buttons
  • Matching thread
  1. Mark and cut fabric with a length of your hips plus 10 inches (extra is for the ruching and seam) and a width of the desired length of your skirt from hip to knee, plus 1" for seam.
  2. Picking one long end as the bottom of your skirt, pin 1/2" in and tuck fraying edge beneath and sew to create bottom seam.
  3. With opposite edge, pin as before and sew.
  4. Each long edge should now have seams.  With top edge, pleat 4 inches on each end by over lapping the fabric in 1 inch sections and pin to keep in place.  Be sure to not pull fabric in too far that it won't fit.  Hold it up around your waist to make sure.  Sew the pleats in place.
  5. Mark and cut waistband fabric with the length of your waist, plus 4 inches (for button overlapping and seam) and a width of 7 inches.
  6. Create seam on each short edge.
  7. Folding waist band in half (hotdog style) with right side facing out, pin and sew frayed edges, tucking the frays under to create a seam.
  8. Laying skirt and waist band right side down, starting on left edge, align fabric and pin together.  The waist band should extend further past the skirt... this is for the button holes.
  9. Pin and sew to join skirt together by turning inside out and folding over frays to create a seam that extends from bottom of the skirt to beginning of the waist band.
  10. Sew buttons onto waist band, 1 inch in from seam.
  11. Marking center of button on overlapping fabric, cut a small hole for button.  With needle and thread, secure button hole.