Meg Joins the Navy

A new member of the Navy Nurse Corps and a proud wife of a Navy corpsman stationed together at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

24 September 2015

Moving in, DC style

We've now almost lived in DC for a month!  Our apartment is slowly coming together and we are starting to discover some good spots in the area.  It's a new experience for the both of us... being able to walk to the grocery store, restaurants, metro, and having unlimited access from the metro.  We can go days without driving.

Our apartment here is a little bit larger than our home in North Carolina so I feel like we have so much more space in the closet and kitchen!  I can actually take some things out of boxes and put them out to enjoy.

Enjoying this built-in desk!


Our view

My top 3 things about our place:
1.  Walk-in closet
2.  Balcony I can sit on with the pups without being eaten by bugs
3.  Large windows that let sun in all hours of the day